Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CNMCers: Driving, Drinking, Eating in Boston... not necessarily in that order.

Coming to CNMC from out of town and staying in Boston? A few things…
Boston, like most cities in the Northeast, is an expensive place to park. Hotels with downtown locations, such as the Omni Parker House, where the Meet and Greet, have only valet parking, so try to self-park if you can. For example the Pi Alley Garage is around the corner from the Omni Parker House: http://www.pialleygarage.com/.
If you want to eat in the North End for great Italian food: walk there, or take a cab. Its the oldest, most historic part of the city… curvy streets, very little parking.
Many neighborhoods in Boston have parking restrictions, or you need to be a resident with a resident sticker on your car. Read all signs posted on the street before you leave your car somewhere.
Be forewarned when driving: Bostonians are jay-walkers. Not everyone obeys street signs as pedestrians. And there is often ”double parking” going on in front of busy restaurants, etc, so try to keep alert and look a half-block ahead of where you are, so you can avoid getting backed up behind double parkers.
Our mass transit system is called "The T”. To out-of-towners its a subway/bus/train. But to a Bostonian on the street, it’s the T. As you walk our city, you’ll see round signs with T’s on them indicating a station. Here’s the maps and schedule: http://www.mbta.com/
Coming to the Meet & Greet on Friday night: Beer and wine are $8 or $9 a piece. Mixed drinks more. Again, its a city location. It may be much pricier than your locale. Plan accordingly. Soft drinks are free. Food-wise, this is an appetizers-only kind of event. Plan on going to dinner before or after if you really need a fuller meal. Plenty of options within walking distance of the hotel, including Fanuiel Hall/Quincy Market a few blocks away: http://www.faneuilhallmarketplace.com/
Coming to Braintree, and the Pastoral Center for the CNMC on Saturday? Plenty of free parking if you are driving. Steve Nelson will be selling a few leftover seats on the Trolley to/from the Pastoral Center from the Omni Parker House. Get one if you need one Friday night.

If you are coming to the Pastoral Center using GPS: find the Boston Logan Express in Braintree– its an airport shuttle service– the Pastoral Center is just a stone’s throw from there. (The Pastoral Center is a new location for the Archdiocese and not on all GPS maps yet.) Driving directions here: 


  1. Thank you Pat for all the great local information. You've been very helpful!

  2. Thanks for the parking tips, glad to know the North End is walking distance. Time to relive old college memories of dinner and wine in the European Restaurant.


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