Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Testing, testing... Hey, is this thing on? (Among Women gets a new feed!)

Testing... testing... hey, is this thing on???  
It's great to be back. 
Well, almost! I'm a wee-bit buried under a few things that have been piling up around here... and today we're debuting a new feed for the podcast... a very important step in creating a new website for Among Women and yours truly.... it is all still a bit under wraps and in desperate need of my attention... but at least we can get back to podcasting...

Those of you who use iTunes... kindly see if you found a 2-minute short podcast named AW 136. It is just a test as we switched the feed as part of the website migration that is still to come. But if you got that short "test" in your feed you should be all set for when the next "normal" podcast comes along sometime late on Friday June 29. 

Feel free to leave me a note here in the comments if you did find it in your iTunes feed. If not, try unsubscribing and re-subscribing to AW. 

And, kindly say a little prayer for me... these techy things make me nervous.... 


  1. Pat, I was able to download it on my Mac, but not my iPhone. I was able to listen to it on my iPhone however, straight from iTunes without downloading it.

    welcome back! Looking forward to 'visiting Lourdes' through your trip.


  2. Hi Pat!
    Just wanted to let you know I did find the test podcast in my feed (through iTunes). Thanks for the headsup - this all sounds very exciting!


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