Saturday, June 30, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 6.30.12 Wow - Obamacare, Vat II, Cancer, SSA, and Crucified Love all in one post!

Among Women ReadHER 6.30.12

RE: Supreme Court Upholding Pres. Obama's "Affordable health care act"& the Fortnight of Freedom underway

HHS Mandate Lawsuits Charge Forward as Only Remaining Challenges to "Obamacare"
Posted at the Becket Fund
The Becket Fund does great work, and their legal perspective and prowess is vital to people of all faiths who oppose health care initiatives that step on human dignity and religious freedoms.

Here is the Official Supreme Court Decision in a .pdf file

Video: Fortnight for Freedom Forum on Catholic TV
You'll find very excellent talking points in a town hall-style show featuring commentary from Cardinal Sean O'Malley- Archdiocese of Boston, John Garvey - the President of Catholic University of America and a constitutional lawyer, Carl Anderson - leader at the Knights of Columbus, Kim Daniels of Catholic Voices, and Angela Franks, PhD- The Institute of the New Evangelization. Note: this show is 57 mins long... if you don't have time for the whole hour, listen to the first 25 mins... you'll get a lot in the opening commentary.

Launching the Fortnight for Freedom
By Archbishop Charles Chaput OFM Cap. of Philiadelphia at First Things
Necessary reading, that is fortunately, very readable. 

US BISHOP's website on Fortnight for Freedom
Articles and information.

Why Freedom of Worship is Not Freedom of Religion
By Peggy Luksik at Catholic Online
An awesome analogy that you can use to train others in the rhetoric that sticks and makes sense of these issues. I recommend this article to be shared within the family with youngsters learning the civil discourse needed in this fight for religious freedoms.


Why We Don't Dress Up Anymore
By Jennifer Fulwiler at her blog at National Catholic Register
Are we getting too casual at Mass and at other special events? Good observations here.

Apple Launches Stand Alone Podcast APP
By Fr. Roderick at this blog
iPhone users may appreciate this for their Among Women fix!

Diary from Vatican II
By Fr Robert Barron at Real Clear Religion
One of my favorite classes in grad school was learning the history while reading and discussing all the documents of Vatican II. If that makes me a theology nerd, so be it. But I think you'll like this article with its look "behind the scenes" through journal notes made by Fr. Yves Congar, a leading theologian of the 20th century.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen Becomes Venerable
By Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register
Sheen is one of my favs, this is welcomed news for the new evangelization.

Life Interrupted: Fighting Cancer and Myself
By Suleika Jaouad in the New York Times
As a cancer survivor, I cannot help be drawn to articles on the subject. This young writer is writing a series of articles. I do not know this young woman, but I can pray for her all the same. Maybe you will too as she learns the hard lessons of surrender... she poignantly brought me right back to the hardest reality that anyone chronically ill faces: "It is difficult not to equate sickness or weakness with a feeling of failure." 

Change and Same Sex Attraction in Women
By Dale O'Leary at Crisis Magazine
Just another area where the church needs to expand her ministry.

Stunning Spoken Word Performance: Crucifixion Type Love
Posted by Angela Sealana at Inspired Angela
Wow, so glad to find this on Angela's blog... 

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