Monday, January 17, 2011

This makes me think....

The basic reason why man can speak with God arises from the fact that God himself is speech, Word. His nature is to speak, to hear, to reply... Only because there is already speech, "Logos", in God can there be speech, "Logos" to God. Philosophically, we could put it like this: the Logos in God is the ontological foundation for prayer... In God there is speech and the intercourse of partners in dialogue. Man could speak with God if he himself were drawn to share in this internal speech. And this is what the Incarnation of the Logos means: he who is speech, Word, Logos, in God and to God, participates in human speech. Man is able to participate in the dialogue with God himself because God has first shared in human speech and has thus brought the two into communication with one another. The Incarnation of the Logos brings eternity into time and time into eternity. As a result of the incarnation, human speech has become a component in divine speech; it has been taken up, unconfusedly and inseparable, into that speech which is God's inner nature.  Through the Spirit of Christ, who is the Spirit of God, we can share in the human nature of Jesus Christ; and in sharing in his dialogue with God, we can share in the dialogue which God is. This is prayer, which becomes a real exchange between God and man... 

---from Benedictus: Day by Day with Pope Benedict XVI

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