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Among Women #83- Special Supplement: Photos from Our Lady Of Good Help Apparition Site in the Green Bay area

Here's a special supplement to our most recent edition of Among Women 83, with theology prof, Dr. Maura Hearden, on the subject of Our Lady of Good Help Shrine in Robinsonville, WI,  a recently approved Marian apparition in the Diocese of Green Bay. If you've heard the episode, you know that Maura and I discussed some theological teachings about the Blessed Mother, and then we came around to talking about this Shrine, most recently in the news.

Recapping, this Shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary remembers the 19th century appearances of Mary to visionary Adele Brise, and the miracles and history associated with the event.  

As it turns out, Maura is a Wisconsin native who now resides in Pennsylvania, teaching at DeSales University. She recently returned to Wisconsin to visit her family while she was between semesters.  Fortunately for us she and her intrepid mother braved the wintry elements and made a pilgrimage to the Shrine. We are happy to share their photo essay of their visit, with Maura's captions below, (and mine in italics.)

Thanks so much, Maura, for taking time to remember the Among Women audience!!  Lovely to have a personal tour with the Hearden family!

Here's an overview of the shrine grounds.  
You can see the main church on the right, the outdoor Mass
 pavilion in the center (which is attached to a gift shop) and 
what used to be the Carmelite monastery on the left.
  The Carmelites are no longer there.  
The diocese is currently running it and, I hear, 
looking for an order to move in.

Here I am, about to enter the main church.

Its all decked out for Christmas.

The crypt, which is to the side of the church, is built over the actual apparition spot. 

Crutches on the wall are a sample of the hundreds that 
have been left at the shrine after healing miracles.

This is the the focal point of the shrine, where people invoke the Blessed Virgin.

Here's a close-up from the shrine website.

Here's my mom lighting a votive candle! 

The windows are from the original church that stood on this site.

Here's a picture of Adele! 

And a close-up!

This is where Adele now rests.

And a close-up.

Yikes its cold!!!!  (Gotta love Wisconsin in January!)

There is a lovely field dotted with the stations of the cross, 
the mysteries of the rosary, a Belgian Chapel and a shrine to Lourdes.  
Its great in the summer time!!

Outdoor altar 

This is the outdoor Mass pavilion for summer gatherings.

This is a new Fatima shrine.  
There's a koi pond in front of Our Lady.  
Do you think the fish are still alive???  
(I don't know Maura... are they below the ice?)

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