Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Among Women podcast this week! Taking time to recover!

Yesterday I had a surgical repair for a torn tendon in my ankle. It's an injury that I've lived with for the better part of a year, and so I'm happy to get this finally done.  

These are my crutches... they will be my constant companions for the next several weeks as I tend to my healing.

The studio, where I record the show, Among Women, is down a flight of stairs that I'm just not ready to descend yet. Not this week anyway.  But I'm thinking about the next few shows, and making plans for them! Looking to be back next week... when the pain meds wear off!

In the meantime, let me recommend that you take a peek at the Among Women archives and find a topic, saint, or guest that suits you, and enjoy one of our previous episodes. Here's the Master Index to the Archives.

And don't forget the great line up over at SQPN-- lots of podcasts to choose from over there!
Let's pray for one another!

1 comment:

  1. Heal quickly, precious friend! May Our Blessed Mother tend to you in your time of suffering; may your sufferings draw you closer to Christ; and may you find this time of slowing way, way down a time of contemplation and peace.

    Love you!


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