Monday, July 26, 2010

What I Love About Mary....

What do YOU love about Mary, the Mother of God?

Is it one of her titles?  Has she answered a prayer for you?  Do you have a special devotion to Mary?  Is there an anecdote that you'd be willing to share with others?

Among Women podcast is putting out the call for listeners to share "what they love about Mary"... let's do a show together that features the minds, hearts, and voices of our listeners -- and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary as we do so!

Phone it in to our voicemail line at 206-338-6077. (Don't be shy now -- write it out then read it if you have too!)

Or mail an email that Pat can share with others. Send it to

Deadline for entries:  Aug 3rd.

Let's go, girls!

1 comment:

  1. Words can't express how much I love Mary. When considering conversion to the Church from being a protestant I first prayed the rosary. Mary interceded and let me know the Catholic Church was where I needed to be.


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