Monday, July 19, 2010

The Future of Catholicism, and more...l

In case your a newbie to the blogosphere, or don't click around much, let me introduce blogger extraordinaire, Elizabeth Scalia, aka, The Anchoress.  You'll find her in my favs in the side bar. She writes with a great wealth of soul, wit, and intellectual heft without being drain on the eyes and the brain. So, a good while back, when her solo blog was given a berth over at First Things, I for one, cheered.

Well, The Anchoress is casting a wider net yet again beyond her regular gig, with a new role over at Patheos, as the keeper and tender of the Catholicism portal.

The entire site is doing a week-by-week examination on the future of world religions, so folks from all over the world are reading and commenting.

I'm suggesting you peruse what's there and take a look at the Future of Catholicism, going on all this week!

Try Elizabeth's piece in the series, (and if you are a fan of the mission of SQPN, I think you'll really like her star/Magi theme) and another goodie not part of the series but if you love Jesus, you'll be blest by it.

But back to the Future of Catholicism series... I really enjoyed the essay Hugh Hewitts's essay, and this one by Father Barron.  The ever-brilliant and provocative Barbara Nicolosi is here too.

Take your time, enjoy the reads, leave a comment. You've got all week!

Oh, and don't look now, but yours truly got her two cents in in the daily symposium about one of her favorite's books:  The Catechism!  

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