Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Among Women Podcast #48

This week on Among Women, meet two SFO's:  St. Margaret of Cortona, and Barb Szyszkiewicz, aka SFO Mom.

What's an SFO?

It's not a speeding flying object, or a San Francisco organization, or a senior financial officer... it's a Secular Franciscan or someone who is a member of the Secular Franciscan Order. And yes, they profess to follow Jesus as they imitate St. Francis of Assisi.

Learn how Franciscan spirituality is not only for those who take religious  vows, but for laity who choose to follow in Francis' footsteps.

First, we meet St. Margaret of Cortona, who is sometimes seen as a second Magdalene, who went from wanton mistress to sainthood, after joining the SFO's!

Then meet Barb, a New Jersey wife and mother, and the woman behind the SFOMom blog... as she shares what modern-day Secular Franciscans pray and practice as they live out a Franciscan way of life.

Continue the Lenten journey as Pat describes the need for daily prayer. Plus check out your chance to win Scott Hahn's Hope for Hard Times in this week's free drawing. You'll find it all on the Among Women podcast.

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