Tuesday, March 30, 2010

15 easy ways (and even low-tech ways) to promote Among Women

1.   Tell a friend.
2.   Tell your mom.
3.   Tell your priest.
4.   Send out a tweet.
5.   Text your best friends.
6.   Email your contacts list.
7.   Send 5 postcards to friends.
8.   Burn a CD and give a show away to someone.
9.   Leave a review on the Among Women iTunes page.
10. Join the Among Women Podcast Friends group on Face Book.
11. Put an announcement in your church bulletin. Pre-written samples here.
12. Write the url address in the dirt on your car: "AmongWomenPodcast.com"
13. Put a link on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, leave a comment about a recent episode on someone else's blog.
14. Send a letter to the editor of your diocesan newspaper extolling the virtues of new media and making special mention of Among Women and sqpn.com.
15. Pray for the ministry of Among Women, especially when you pray the words "among women"in the Hail Mary.

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