Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where We Got the Bible

This is an audio book called Where We Got the Biblea very early 20th century (1911) manuscript of a series of talks and articles from Rt. Rev. Henry Graham . Yours truly did the narration and I was happy to make this recording. 

This book deserves it place in church history as it traces compilation of the bible's canon, its structure, and its translation through the centuries as known to Bishop Graham through the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Graham also describes, how in certain eras, the bible was lovingly preserved thanks to the tireless efforts of medieval monks. He also traces how Catholic scholars produced the bible in the vernacular.

Graham vividly portrays the Catholic Church as pro-bible, as opposed to many in his day, usually non-Catholics, who perpetuated the myth that the Catholic Church was opposed to Scripture.  Over and over again, Graham sheds light on how Catholic Church has and continues to embrace the bible.  

That being said, as a Catholic writer and student of theology, I also make the following disclaimer:  in listening to this recording, you must realize that this book, while informative from a historical perspective, does not contain our modern 21st century sensibilities... especially where sensitive ecumenical dialogue might be warranted. These days, thankfully, there is much collaboration between Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish biblical scholars, translators and publishers. In Graham's day, such mutual respect was often sorely lacking, and a certain zealous veracity comes through his words as he defends attacks on the Catholic Church and its unique relationship to the Bible.

Take the book for what it is, and for what it attempts to do in good faith: to be an apologetical defense of the Catholic Church's guardianship over the Sacred Scriptures as the Deposit of Faith, and to present rational arguments concerning errors. It was also meant to be a source of adult religious education for the Catholic population of Great Britain, where Graham shepherded his flock.

Like so many other Catholic classics, Where We Got the Bible is a period piece that still has something valuable to offer the modern reader and listener.

Listen to an audio sample of Chapter One here.

The audio book may be purchased here.

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