Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remembering St. Pius X... the saintly pope that my childhood school and church were named after...

My latest over at Patheos talks about "the Pope of the Eucharist"... St Pius X...

Here's a sample...

I was a little girl in a white dress, with white Mary Jane shoes, (and yes, white gloves!) making her First Holy Communion at St. Pius X Church in Plainview, New York. It was the late 60s and I was in the second grade. For seven years I walked the halls of that parochial school, past St. Pius’ silent statue with his triple-tiered tiara, as was papal customary of the time. Though I saw his visage almost every day, I never really knew his history, or that he was the early 20th century pope who lowered the age norms for First Communicants, something benefitting me directly and so many modern generations who come to the Lord’s table at a young age.
 St Pius X taught: “Holy Communion is the safest and shortest way to Heaven.”
 Long before he became the first pope elevated in the 20th century, with the name Pius X, or Pio X, as the Italians call him, a young Father Giuseppe Sarto exerted a lively and holy influence in his parish. His pastor wrote of his zeal during his first assignment.
They have sent me as curate a young priest, with orders to mould him to the             duties of pastor; in fact, however, the contrary is true. He is so zealous, so full of good sense, and other precious gifts that it is I who can learn much from him.   Some day or other he will wear the mitre, of that I am sure. After that—who knows? (Lives of Saints, published by John J. Crawley & Co.)
There's more, here.

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