Sunday, July 1, 2012

Among Women Podcast #137- Back From Wherever I've Been (plus a new website!)

The Lady at the Grotto, Lourdes
"I am the Immaculate Conception."

Among Women 137 catches you up on your humble host’s recent whereabouts of late… especially her pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. I'm a few days off my promised schedule for this podcast, but thanks for being patient... 

And here’s a first for Among Women… an episode that departs from our normal format… where I just talk…and share some of my thoughts regarding my time off. Let’s just pretend we’re walking together, you asked me how I’m doing with the book thing and the how the travel was, and then you couldn’t shut me up! (Trust me, this format will not be a habit. While I know I can talk non-stop for an hour or more, there's no reason to demonstrate that you, dear listeners! And yet I have... because I did not wish to shortchange a guest interview in terms of time and emphasis!)
Something you'll notice right away if you click on the link for Among Women 137 is that I'm finally introducing the new website for Among Women. You'll also find links there for my personal site,, as well. You may find that older posts are still a bit buggy, I've yet to restore all 136 previous podcast posts to their proper format... but most of the links work, and what's more... you can listen to all the archives at your desktop, or on your smartphone. Very soon, I will be installing the mobile widget to make it look prettier on your cell phone. Also, the Master Index is still under construction but I hope to have that updated soon for your use. As you'll see below, I'll be trying to share archived shows of related interest when I post a new show. Anyway I'm happy to have come this far, and will be working over the summer to get the site in better shape. Eventually this blog may migrate over to new AW home as well. But as anyone who has done a site migration knows, that's a daunting task. So that's still under construction too... and I'm weighing benefits of staying here or going there... I'm still working with the design and the look, and I do not have what I love yet... in fact I'm not even up to like yet, so there's much more to do. I've had a good run with Blogger and would miss my old work flow... I'm still figuring things out over at the new place. Thanks for your patience. 
Anyway... a few links that you may wish enjoy to go along with the monologue of AW 137...
Links for this episode: 

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