Saturday, March 17, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 3.17.12... St Pat's edition & more

Among Women ReadHER 3.17.12

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St Patrick is my patron saint, and yes, I am of Irish descent, among other nationalities. I wrote about my favorite prayer from Patrick at my column at Patheos. You can read about Patrick's life here. (If you dig that icon of St Patrick, above, you can order one here.) (If you are in/near Boston today, here's what's doing.)

The Strange Happenings at the Unreal Hotel
By Anthony Esolen at Crisis Magazine's website
I dare say, this might be the strongest piece I have read thus far in 2012. Don't miss it. Then share it. (H/T to The Anchoress.)

Free Webinar/Support for Infertility
By Lisa Hendey at Faith and Family
This is March 29th. Check it out.

The Great Coffee Fast
By Lori Miller at
I admit that I have never fasted from coffee. I was decaffeinated for almost ten years, and then I went back to college in my 40s for a Masters, and, the rest is history. 

One More Way the Culture Undermines our Nation's Girls
By Mary Beth Hicks at Family Events
A must read for parents of girls.

Whose Children are These?
By Rachel Balducci at Testosterhome
Funny, poignant.

Pain Avoidance and the Acceptable Time
By Betty Duffy at Patheos
I dare anyone not to relate to this on some level.

The Power of Introverts
By Susan Cain at TED talks
A 9 minute video that is very worthwhile whether you are introverted or extroverted. Very good to pay attention to in terms of our children and "activities" are concerned, too.

Here are some more articles on the HHS mandate and the fight for our religious freedom... most are quite short.

By Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online
Always on target. Keep reading and staying informed on this issue.

By Rebecca Teti at Faith and Family
If you view the video of Gloria Purvis on this post, you may recognize her from one of the women's forums that I posted back here on this HHS post from March 3.

Evidence on Winning the Mandate Fight
By Thomas Peters at Catholic Vote
Read it. Share it. Be involved.

The Bishops Latest Statement and Some Next Steps
By Pia Di  Solenni
A short report, check it out.

Dear Readers: I am on retreat today. Please pray for me, thank you.

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