Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Among Women #129 Dealing with Miscarriage, Part 1

Among Women 129 features the first of a two-part series on miscarriage, featuring the writing and practical wisdom of author Karen Edmisten. Drawing on her latest book, After Miscarriage, A Catholic Woman's Companion to Healing and Hope, Karen and Pat have an extended conversation on this tender subject, that is so often hard to talk about. On this episode, they discuss the emotional upheaval of miscarriage and ways the Christian community can offering prayers of support, masses of remembrance, and assurance of the mercy of God toward a child that does not live to experience the sacrament of baptism.

This episode also explores the Old Testament's biblical account of Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Hannah's life is a profound example of a praying woman dealing with infertility, and, later, as a witness of a praying mother as God grants an answer to her prayers. Listen to the podcast here, or download it from iTunes.


  1. Dear Pat,
    Thanks for your tender treatment of a topic that touches so many women, myself included. Over the past 25, I've experienced an unspoken kinship with other women who have miscarried -- it just wasn't discussed in those days which left scars beyond the obvious grief of losing a child. I'm pleased to see that Karen Edmisten approaches this delicate subject with such honesty and faith. I look forward to the next installment.

  2. You read my mind; I was going to e-mail you and suggest this book and its author as a podcast topic! Can't wait to listen to this!

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies. I've been waiting for the right opportunity to tackle this subject head on. Please pass the word to others. This is soooo needed.


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