Friday, December 16, 2011

Feeling better, but I need to simplify...the next Among Women podcast comes next week.

Nothing like a couple of sick days over the last two weeks to put a hiccup into ye ol' makin' of the list and a-checking it twice. I am feeling better, but now I have a slightly elevated fear of "lost time" from a productivity standpoint. Now I wish I could hire a few elves to help me dig out of the hole that I am in. But at least I still have my sense of humor! (Fortified by green and red M&Ms among other goodies.)

My list is becoming radically simplified, and I'm just doing what I can.

To wit, simplifying means the last podcast for the year will be delayed till early next week. Simplifying may include sending Christmas cards deeper into the Christmas season, and baking a whole lot less, just to name a few things. In the meantime, I've just had the blessing of a little year-end work that needs my attention, as well as a few busy chores needing Momma's coordination skills. I am one woman, taking one step, and one prayer at a time.

So, until we talk again, let's continue to pray for one another as we zip and zoom along. Oh sure, we all have good intentions about keep a good and calm Advent. I know. I just came from adoration. But I also know that many of the folks who listen to Among Women, or read this blog have obligations to meet for their families and their jobs as we prepare for a Christmas weekend that will follow this long fourth week of Advent. It is not often that we get a full fourth week, so let's try to embrace it, and all its expectations and demands.

So let's just be mindful and remember each other... somewhere we are all lifting a prayer for one another. If you are reading this. Take a brief moment and take a deep breath. Then say a "Hail Mary" for the last person who read this and the next person reading this. There. You see? In 30 seconds, you just performed a spiritual act of mercy for someone else.

Here's another little something I'm trying to keep in mind: I love Psalm 89 that we will pray this Sunday: "For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord."

That would be "for ever" I will sing of the Lord's goodness. Not just when I feel like it -- when everything is going great. Not just when I've "got my act together", or gotten through the "to do"list. No, it is very good counsel to sing of the goodness of the Lord wherever we are.

Singing frees the soul, and singing to God allows me understand that everything we are and everything we have is from God's Providence. The to-do is a gift. The people I'm going to see this Christmas are a gift. The unexpected work I've encountered can be a gift. Even the sickness and difficulties can be gifts that slow us down and bring us to him. Everything in our lives passes through His hands... and it is a gift.

"For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord."

"Sing Forever" --St Philip Choir on youtube.  

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