Saturday, September 3, 2011

Among Women ReadHer... 9.3.11

Among Women ReadHer

--Catholic New Agency
Sad, but true. And we must keep talking about this.

NO Easy Surrenders
--Rebecca Teti at Faith and Family Live
An important look at risks to the first amendment that would seriously impact conscience clauses for Catholics. Please check out all the links. And you may want to write to your Congressperson using this easy link provided by the US Catholic Bishops. Pass this around! Send YOUR opinion to Congress.

Discernment: How Can I Learn God's Will for Me?
--Peter Kreeft, PhD
Kreeft never misses. He truly is a gift to the Church. Of course, go read it!

Feminists Don't Respect Women, the Catholic Church Does
--Jennifer Fulwiler, from her blog at National Catholic Register
Jennifer get to the point and quick. Here, here!

Semper Fidelis
--Dr. Gerard Nadal from Coming Home
About staying faithful in marriage til the end. And about the power of a woman's love in the life of a man.

Friendship and the Artist
-Barbara Nicolosi, over at Patheos
For all the creatives out there, and the ups and downs it brings to friendship. And for all the friends of creatives who stood by and cheered another's giftedness and nudged them toward sharing that their gift. 

The Woman Behind the Icon
--Carolyn Moynihan at Mercator. net
A send-up to Steve Jobs' mother. 

All the Bad Parents Out There, Raise Your Hand
--Mary Beth Hicks, at
More Hicks wisdom!

"Game Time" a family movie - Tonight!

One more...Great "summary" video from World Youth Day....

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