Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Happy Recap* -- Catholic Writers of Long Island, "The Word Made Flesh"

John 1:16 And from his fulness have we all received, grace upon grace. 

Last Saturday, I was happy to be a presenter and team member for a day of enrichment for writers, "The Word Made Flesh", sponsored by a fledgling group, the Catholic Writers of Long Island. (Being a LI native, now living in exile in Massachusetts, they graciously invited me back.)  It was one part prayer, pep talk, and practicum for both new and veteran writers alike.  A wonderful spirit of community emerged between these writers; a good thing indeed for people who often toil at a very solitary endeavor.

It was just the kind of event that the mission of the Catholic Writers' Guild has sought to spawn.  CWG President, Ann Lewis, was on hand to present a lifetime achievement award to keynote speaker, Rick Hinshaw, editor of the Long Island Catholic.

Two blog posts have showed up touting some of the positive messages of the day.

First, go read this inspiring homily, offered by Monsignor Charles Fink, as he preached on John 1: 1-5, 14-16.  That will give you just a hint of the nourishment we all received by one another, and by our Lord Jesus in the Eucharist.

Then read Elizabeth Scalia's round up at The Anchoress (It was certainly a highlight for me to meet Elizabeth in person, after years of experiencing her great wealth of soul in her words.)

I couldn't let this recap conclude without finally high-five-ing my friend and colleague, Lisa Mladnich, founder of Amazing Catechists. (When Lisa's new book comes out on being a catechist, you'll hear about it here, so stay tuned.) (And come meet Lisa in Boston Aug 6-7, as she presents at the children's track at the CNMC.)

Lisa was a gracious and well-spoken MC, and a tireless leader in bringing this event to fruition, along with a wonderful team made up of the Amazing Catechists' crew:  Peggy Clores, Alex Basile, Catholic bloggers, Mary Ellen Barrett, Leticia Velasquez, and Alice Gunther. Click around the AC site to learn about all of them. Besides being catechists, many are authors too!

Did I mention yet that this was an event at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception?  Many thanks  to our generous hosts, especially, Rector Monsignor Peter Vaccari, and Monsignors Richard Henning and Charles Fink, and their seminarians.

COOL UPDATE: June 23rd: Check out this video from NetNY.

COOL UPDATE #2: June 24th: Check out this recollection article from the pen of Alice Gunther of The Long Island Catholic.

COOL UPDATE #3: June 24th: My writer-gal-pal Leticia Velasquez describes her experience.

COOL UPDATE #4: June 30, but this post was dated June 23rd, from Dr. Gerard Nadal.

*Being born in Queens and growing up out on Long Island, I was a Mets fan. (Apologies to those AW listeners who are taken by the mystique of the woman who now coos about living down "a country lane in New England.)" But back to the Mets... at the end of a winning game, Bob Murphy, their original longtime announcer, would set up the break before the post-game show, by saying he'd be back in a moment with "the happy recap." Thank you Bob -- you had a great voice, a great love of the game, and a tag line that forever remains with me whenever I recount or recall a happy event.


  1. Here's something Pat won't tell you herself -- she was magnificent, funny and incredibly informative. What a brilliant, engaging presentation. She had us fascinated and inspired all the way through and beyond. Speaker's bureaus take note: this is a highly competent and credentialed speaker with a rare gift, that "x" factor that makes a star.

  2. As one of the attendees, a few comments if I may. Lisa did a masterful job at the podium: gracious, smart, funny and welcoming. All the speakers contributed to the spiritual, intellectual and technical knowledge of the attendees. They all brought their sense of humor with them, and a humility of spirit. Pat also brought several megawatts of energy; Look out! The Day of Encouragement lived up to its name. I attended the event for inspiration, networking and to learn, and I received all of these gifts and more. I'm excited to be in on the ground floor of this organization.

  3. I noticed that I have a few conference attendees friending me on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter, responding to Pat's suggestion that we get busy on social networking.
    Outstandingly inspirational, you are an encourager par excellance, Pat!


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