Monday, September 7, 2009

The Soundtrack of My Life...

Being a former dee-jay in the Christian radio world, and a music minister, I can't help looking for music that lifts my spirit, breaks my heart open wide, and dares me to go deeper.

So, I'm creating the occasional link in the sidebar called 'the soundtrack of my life'...

My week goes so much better when I surround my workplace and home with music that affirms my Christian walk.  So, the music I share here will be simply that... if it moves me, I'll post it.  Then, maybe, you can check it too.  If it moves you, be sure to buy that song or album. We need to support the artists whose art reflect God's goodness by lifting us up.

Today's pick:  Might to Save, composed by Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan, of the Austrailian band Hillsong.

The lyrics are here and you can play it in the sidebar.  The version of the song listed is one of the newer covers of the song that tugged at my heart.

I've also included a few other songs that I feel just as strongly about, another Hillsong tune called Stronger, and Margaret Becker's (10 year old already) Clay and Water which I still absolutely adore.

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  1. Pat, Love the post and the podcast. How'd you put the "soundtrack" in your sidebar?


  2. At the moment, I'm using but still researching options. Thanks for stopping by!-Pat


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